Writing about healthcare for a wide range of audiences

Positioning HealthSpot as Telemedicine Innovator

HealthSpot is an innovative start-up that makes a walk-in medical kiosk that combines high definition videoconferencing with certified medical devices that stream biometric data to the provider in real time.

My work for Healthspot has covered a wide range of formats for a variety of different audiencesaudiences, and has included a complete set of sales materials - from consumer-focused email blast copy and one sheet overviews to detailed RFP responses, white papers, vision and positioning documents. I either write or oversee the production of all web copy, blog posts, talking points, executive bios, press releases and more.

Sales Support

Print / Video / Copy / etc.

Authored and/or oversaw production of a complete set of materials to support ongoing sales efforts. This includes print pieces, video scripting and production, Powerpoint presentation design, and more. Materials are often aimed at one of three distinct audiences: Health Systems (and their providers), Payers and Retailers.

Check out somesamplepieces.

Additional samples are available on request. Let me know what you'd like to see - the odds are I've done it.

Redesigned Web Presence

Web / Mobile / Tablet / Social

Oversaw the redesign of HealthSpot's web presence to a true CMS-based system with responsive design for mobile and tablet. Wrote search-optimized copy, established blog and designed a straategy intended to position the company as a thought leader in telemedicine.

As a startup, HealthSpot's commmunication needs tend to be B2B; positioning the coompany and its executives as leaders in the space is a primary goal; however, the long-term strategy has been designed to pivot into consumer-focused communications as the number of HealthSpot locations increases. The foundation for this work is already in place.