Kids and Education

Success with K-5

Creating products and content for an audience of kids is tricky business. I've been fortunate to work with major companies and publishers to create interactive content for award-winning K-5 products that are entertaining, engaging and educationally sound.

Kinect NatGeo TV

Kinect Nat Geo TV blends world-renowned Nat Geo WILD TV show episodes with Kinect for Xbox 360, transporting kids and their families around the world, expanding knowledge and inspiring a sense of wonder and excitement. Engage, play and learn as Kinect Nat Geo TV turns your living room into an animal habitat and you into a variety of animals, such as a bear, without ever leaving your living room.
I was the lead writer for season one episodes, assisting with all aspects of the project, including Episode Design, scripting and production of original content, scheduling, game design and game VO scripting, voice direction and input in post.

For season two, in addition to the above, I co-directed production of all original video and voice content and provided input on editing and postproduction.

Throughout this project, I worked side-by-side in the field and remotely with teams from Microsoft, Relentless Software, National Geographic, Taikuli Productions and Grizzly Creek Films.

SRA Flex Literacy: Mcgraw Hill Companies

SRA FLEX Literacy™ is a comprehensive Reading and Language Arts Intervention System for struggling readers, Grades 3 and above in Tier 2, 3, or 4.

Built on a research-based instructional model to reach students of various reading levels, as low as Beginning Reading. Students are engaged as never before through high-interest interactive tools, technology, and rich text selections.

Working with Clutch Interactive and the McGraw Hill Corporation, I scripted a series of 90+ short animated cartoons that preview each learning sequence with an entertaining short that lightly introduces students to the key concepts in the forthcoming unit. In addition to scripting, I worked directly with the animator, illustrators and voice actors on feedback and revision.

Blue Monkey Books

The Blue Monkey Books project takes the traditional idea of customizable children’s books – most often picture books in which a parent can have a child’s name, birthdate and hometown appear in the story, and expands it exponentially.

Parents answer a series of questions about their child's likes, dislikes, favorite foods and games, least favorite meals, friends, pets and so on. These details are then woven into a fully customized chapter book, resulting in a detail-rich, 10,000 word story in which their child is literally the story's main character and hero.

The titles are then printed and professionally bound by an on-demand publisher before being shipped to the consumer.
The reviews are in...
Kinect NatGeo TV

" of the most innovative pieces of edutainment I've ever come across." - Daily Game

"...the product is excellent and engaging with the right mix of educational content and silliness coming together for an enjoyable 40+ minutes per episode." -Worth Playing

"Overall the game has enough content to keep children and adults entertained for hours." -Console Monster

"An educational game wrapped in an educational program, Kinect Nat Geo TV does a good job of pacing learning with fun...a great combination of television, nature and the functionality of the Kinect."

"Kinect Nat Geo TV, meanwhile, will likely fuel tweens’ passion for wildlife while teaching them about the behaviours of specific animals and how they fit into a modern world filled with humans."
- Finacial Post

Kinect NatGeo TV Season Two featured Dr. Brady Barr, host of Dangerous Encounters.

"Powerful tools to support struggling readers...Engaging animations introduce, explain, and demonstrate skills."
It has been a bad day for your reader. And it just gets worse for them on a field trip to the aquarium. See how they rise to the challenge in this action-packed adventure written for and starring your reader!
Does everyone in the world have an exact double? That sure seems to be the case for your reader. Join in this crazy adventure that starts on an airplane and ends with a buried treasure and a big giant rock.
Hundreds of miles above the Earth, a fleet of alien spaceships are gathering in advance of a planetary invasion the likes of which we have never seen. Miles and miles below them, your reader is trying to deal with a substitute gym teacher who doesn't seem to know the first thing about basketball. You just won't believe how these two events, seemingly so far apart, are tied so closely together. It's another amazing adventure, and this time, it really is out of this world!