"No matter the situation, Pete is someone who will produce amazing results. Pete simply over-delivers on everything he does, and considering the circumstances he was often given - that is just incredible. Pete has the ability to lighten any stressful situation with his sensational humor and enlightening personality. He is someone with an artistic mind, a wildly creative imagination and the passion to deliver in any given timeline. Pete also possesses the gift of the pen. He can adapt to any style and bring words to life - which combined with all of his other skills makes him perfect for his current endeavor."
"Pete is an absolute pleasure to work for. He makes sure that the work gets done, but also that his employees are happy and don't get to stressed on a given project.

I would recommend Pete as a leader for any company without reservation."
"Pete is a very creative and ingenius individual, which comes through in all of his writing and design work. He is always a pleasure to work with, bringing a great attitude and a host of new ideas to the table. With all that creativity, you’d think perhaps he’s living in the clouds- not the case at all. Pete is down to earth and applies his “get-it-done” work ethic to all projects he takes on. A real team player, I've watched Pete work with every department from product development to marketing and sales with grace and ease. On a personal note: I really miss working with Pete. He has this way of boosting morale just by being, Pete!"
"Pete Brown is of the finest people one gets to work with over the course a lifetime. I frequently worked with Pete and always appreciated his ability to get the job done and make sure you feel good about in the process. On the surface, Pete will keep everyone motivated and high-spirited and beneath his charm and boyish good looks, you'll find a deeply intelligent and capable individual. I recommend him as a talented word-smith and an excellent leader."
"I can't begin to say enough good things about Pete Brown. Pete was always a hard working leader that knew how to get a job done and still have a fun doing it. There was never a dull day when Pete was around."
"Pete is a consistent above average producer. He has a rare ability to write and create content for technical, consumer, executitve, and creative audiences. The quality of Pete's work is always at or above expectations. I highly recommend Pete for any work you may be considering."
"I hired Pete to develop a help system for one of our new products. He delivered a flawless product in a just a matter of weeks. Pete is brillant, energetic, and a pleasure to work with. I'd hire him again in a heartbeat."